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Over the past 13 years specialist salon marketing agency Elevate UK has worked with over 400 businesses, using every marketing means available for our Salon Partners.

We've created campaigns that have made well over £1 Million new revenue for a Hairdressing Franchise.....$275,000 for a Skin Care Business (that has opened 2 new clinics with our guidance).....over £315,000 for an Aveda Spa brand with 3 locations.....and countless others that have made six figures for our Salon partners. has been built by Elevate owner Scott Dance to teach Hair & Beauty Entrepreneurs our best kept secrets and strategies, so with our guidance you can EXPLODE your revenues and fill your books with great new clients.  

And what is the best strategy we have used to win new clients for the most profit? The answer is probably not what you think and often surprises people, as it goes against the general consensus.

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"How To Add 250 Great New Clients & EXPLODE Your Salons Profits.... With No Ad Spend, Deal Sites or Giveaways"


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