SRG is a consultancy firm created by Scott Dance, also the Founder and Director of Elevate UK. Elevate is a London based salon & spa marketing agency that has helped hundreds of hair, beauty and aesthetic beauty businesses across Europe grow their revenues and clientele..

Scott’s always had ambitions to expand Elevate into new continents, until he had a sudden epiphany. Rather than try to open offices, take on staff and win over new clients in new countries….why not just teach Salon and Spa owners exactly what we do, so they may run their own campaigns and keep all the revenue instead of having to share it with us?! After all, what Elevate does is actually really simple and totally flexible. We simply charge a fee for the training which is but a small percentage of the new revenue each business owner can generate.

That day SalonRevenueGrowth.com was born. We also provide free advice, education and other paid information products....all with the goal of helping your business grow.

It all starts with some free training in Scott’s next webinar, where we’ll show you some cool ideas on how to get new people through your door and raise your bottom line. Hit the yellow button on the home page now and reserve your spot!

Provided you own or manage a hairdressing salon, beauty spa or aesthetic/laser clinic: SRG’s training methods will benefit you no matter what country, state or town you are in. If you have a single venue which is based in a town or suburb of less than 20,000 people: you may experience limited success with the B2B training we offer.  

All SalonRevenueGrowth.com training programmes and products have a 14 day refund window from date of purchase. We also offer a Satisfaction Guarantee on our training programmes, where by 12 full weeks after a training programmes completion; if a customer is unsatisfied with the results they may request full refund. They have 14 days to do so by email or Contact Me form, shall be refunded 100% of what they paid and no longer be a SRG Member.

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