The name says it all! SalonRevenueGrowth.com is a Digital Marketing Agency and Consultancy created by Scott Dance. Over the past 15 years Scott has helped 600+ hair, beauty, aesthetics and fitness businesses across the UK and other parts of Europe grow their revenues and clientele.

SalonRevenueGrowth.com was created to offer businesses a broad range of growth tools that includes our best digital marketing strategies, free information and advice. 

In addition to free eBooks and strategy sessions to offer growth advice, the 2 marketing categories we focus on are: 

Our Digital Ad Strategies which gets the best results from paid Google and Facebook/Instagram ads.

Our Business Targeted Promotions bring in new clients from your local local businesses (we offer a commission-only option for this).

See individual FAQ's on each of these or visit each webpage for further info.

We also run Email and SMS Marketing for our partners, ensuring they maximise bookings and revenue from their customer database.

Simply schedule a call on our Book A Chat page, and over a free 30mins strategy session you can tell us all about your business and what you'd love to achieve. We'll then offer you the best advice on how to get there and provide more details on our growth strategies. 

This is where we run Facebook, Instagram or Google PPC ads plus an automated email flow and text messages to get new clients through your doors. 

For as little as £86 per week TOTAL including ad spend we will:

  • Create your new-client-only offer (usually redeemable as a phone-display eVoucher)
  • Launch attention-grabbing Google PPC ads or Social Media ads
  • Build a killer Landing Page (webpage) that the ads direct to, where potential new clients give you contact details in exchange for the eVoucher
  • Place them in a subscribers auto-flow of emails that continue to add value, sell your salon and continue the "courting process"
  • Each week we review and optimize your campaign, ensuring maximum new clients and profits
  • No minimum monthly contract
  • Power Guarantee in place that clearly stipulates that if we don't give you a MINIMUM of so many new clients(dependant on your ad spend) in the first 12 weeks: we'll drop our monthly retainer and work for free for the next full month.  

For full details visit our Digital Ads page or Book A Chat now.

This is where we use B2B Email Marketing and LinkedIn to get staff working for local businesses through your doors.

That can include the biggest corporates, large organizations such as the Council, Hospitals and Universities/Colleges, smaller offices and even teachers from local schools!

  • Together we create a new-clients-only offer, which can be a redeemable phone-display eVoucher or a prepaid voucher which is sold on our website.
  • Using B2B Email Marketing and the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, it's our job to get your offer on as many computer screens as possible amongst local workers! 
  • The result is not only great new clients booking with you, but also mass exposure and brand awareness around town for your business.  
  • We will re-market your offer incrementally throughout the next few months at the best times (e.g. Christmas sales for January bookings!)
  • If your offer is a prepaid voucher, we offer a commission-only option in which we keep a % of sales. No monthly fees whatsoever. 

For full details visit our Local Business Targeted webpage.

Absolutely! And we are getting some fantastic results for our partners. 

In a nutshell: together we create a new-client-only offer (redeemable as a phone-display eVoucher), which we'll create eye-grabbing Facebook and/or Instagram ads for. We'll build a killer landing webpage that these ads direct to, where your potential new clients give you their contact details in exchange for the eVoucher. They automatically go onto an email auto-flow to continue selling your salon and building the bond. The result is MAXIMUM new bookings from your campaign!

Book A Chat now to learn more and see if we can tailor the perfect campaign for you.


At any point you can Book A Chat with us, and over a free 30mins strategy session you can tell us all about your business and what you'd like to achieve. We'll then offer you the best marketing advice we can, to help you get there.

Our current FREE eBooks are:

"The 6 Steps To Flood Your Salon With Profitable New Clients Using Google Ads". In this 40 page book we're giving you our EXACT, easy-to-follow formula that any salon can use to create a consistent flow of new clients and profit. Grab your copy now whilst they're available!

"The 13 Best Money-Making Tools For Salons Post Pandemic" is a report where we reveal what we feel are the 13 best marketing tools, both free and paid, that are currently winning the most bookings and spend for hair and beauty businesses.

Yes! Our Digital Ads campaigns have Power Guarantee's, subject to the offer we advertise for you. . 

It clearly stipulates that if you don't receive a minimum number of new client bookings over the first 12 week (the bookings figure is dependant on your ad spend): you get the next month FREE! We will drop our monthly fee for the next full month. This Power Guarantee is clearly stipulated on our signed agreement before we get started! 

Visit each strategy webpage for full details.

For our Digital Ads we have NO FIXED TERM CONTRACT. Meaning you can trial our services for as long as you like. If you're not happy with the results, or you lose staff etc, you may pause or end your campaign at any point. You are not tied down to anything. All previous payments are non-refundable.

If you're running a Local Business Targeted promotion and we are selling a prepaid Voucher offer for you: we usually ask that we sell a minimum agreed amount, but also provide a 30 - 60 day notice cancellation period if you wish to end the promotion prematurely.

There is no minimum fixed monthly contract or tie-downs for our Digital Ads. You may cancel at any point.

If you're a Local Business Targeted Strategy member and we are selling a prepaid Voucher offer for you: we usually ask that we sell a minimum agreed amount, but also provide a 30 - 60 day notice cancellation period if you wish to end the promotion prematurely.

Provided you own or manage a Hair, Beauty, Health or Fitness business: SRG’s marketing strategies will benefit you no matter what country, state or town you are in.

We've previously worked with businesses in the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, France and now even New Zealand. We'll be looking for new members across North America, Australia and other parts of the world very soon. Get in touch!

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