The power of video and Facebook Live streaming

Want last-minute bookings? Utilise the attention-grabbing powers of Facebook Live....


New free eBook on Digital Ads

How to create Google and Facebook Ads THAT WORK in gaining you great new clients for a profit.

That's what we'll be providing in our FREE new eBook coming very soon :)


Getting ready to pull the trigger

And swamp our latest member with more new clients than they know what to do with...


Wealthy new clients

Notting Hill's beautiful new Hair & Beauty haven needs new clients. Lots of new clients in fact.

During our training owner Seema connected to lots of professionals working in key positions in some of the largest and wealthiest organisations in the Notting Hill / Kensington area. Connected using deliberately vague messaging to create intrigue.......(there's an art to that). 

And she's already getting leads and circulating her new client offer around local offices. Let word of mouth do it's thing and the bookings will follow.....

The key now is giving these new, professional clients a 5-star service, so word continues to grow and new people continue to book. 


Crazy Christmas profits

How to maximise December sales and new year clients!


How to get better leads from the largest organisations in your town

Reached out to your local corporates with a discount..... only to find it gets no takers.

Here's how to find the right people in your towns largest organisations, properly reach out to them AND get their staff booking with you...


1000 review readers

Need persuading on how valuable strong Google Reviews are? Listen to this...


The Power Of FREE

Chapter 12 of The Killer Guide To Salon Success: People are irrationally drawn to FREE stuff and the word FREE in advertising. (Read the book Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely, he provides some fascinating tests to prove this).

Next time you advertise: add something FREE with the promotion....

Or offer a FREE little touch or FREE product when clients upgrade or buy a certain service you want to push....

.....and utilise this irrationality!


Our New FREE Book Has Launched! Grab Your Copy Now

Aaaaaand our new Book has launched! And we're giving out copies FOR FREE. Our updated version of A Killer Guide To Salon Success - 13 Ways To Attract & Keep Clients And Increase Their Spend. You simply cover the shipping cost, we'll cover the book.

Grab it here

Oh and don't mind the's hot out and I'm dragging myself to the gym straight after :) 


Lessons in the POWER of Social Proof......from a car garage

Powerful lessons....from a car repairs garage. And why Great Customer Care + Social Proof is a winning combination.

Behind word-of-mouth, Social Proof is THE BIGGEST influencer in people's booking decisions nowadays. So run an incentive and collect 5-Star Google Reviews fast!

The best average star rating by AT LEAST 100 reviewers guarantees many potential customers book WITH YOU and not your competition.


One Simple Principle To Become A Premier Name In London Hairdressing

How a salon has used one simple principle to become one of the PREMIER NAMES in London Hairdressing. And how you can easily implement it to significantly increase your customer satisfaction and re-booking %.

That's what Chapter 8 of The Killer Guide To Salon Success is all about. Grab your free copy


Want a better response from your ads? Say this....

Want to attract more customers from your advertising? Here's a sure-fire way to achieve this....


Chapter 2 of The Killer Guide To Salon Success

Here's a live stream of Scott explaining what Chapter 2: The Up-My-Street Promotions is about.

Don't forget to grab your free copy of the book here


Chapter 3 - Creating Retargeted Facebook Ads, Video Tutorial Taster

Chapter 3 of The Killer Guide To Salon Success is Facebook Retargeted Ads. Here's a little opening taster of the Tutorial Video.#

If you're not running retarged ads you are losing clients!

These are ads ONLY SEEN by people who visit your website, who are considering booking with you!

If you'd like the full 40mins tutorial PLUS TUTORIALS FOR ALL 13 CHAPTERS: order your free copy of The Killer Guide To Salon Success book on the homepage and view the RIDICULOUS deal we're offering you for the videos as an Extra Bonus. 


What gives expert marketers the best ROI?

Can you guess what gets expert marketers the best ROI for every $1 they spend? 

In renowned digital marketer Sabri Suby's book Sell Like Crazy he reveals what return he gets from advertising on Google, Facebook & Instagram, Banner Ads, Email, Catalogues, SEO and Mobile Marketing.....

The winner is waaaaaaaay out in front.....can you guess what it is? I bet you can't.....

This is a big lesson on what platforms are sexy...and what ACTUALLY WORKS.  


Our New-Client Masterclass

What Scott will cover in's New-Client Masterclass Webinar.

Reserve your spot on!


Salon Marketing Intelligence Part 1

Beware the Marketing Agencies who charge you big monthly fees for questionable results. Are these agencies ACTUALLY MAKING YOU A PROFIT? 


Salon Marketing Intelligence Part 2

Invest in cheap Udemy courses on basic Google and Facebook advertising marketing, rather than pay pricey agency fees.
For £25 you can learn things that companies charge their clients HUNDREDS of 💰 💰💰for!


10 New Clients and £620 In The First 4 Weeks

...after just 4 weeks from being trained on the New Client Accelerator Programme and becoming a Member. And Dom's barely gotten started!


Upselling Dos & Don’ts Part 1

Up-selling do’s and don’ts. How to encourage extra spend whilst maintaining a high level of Customer Care


Upselling Dos & Don`ts Part 2

Up-selling Do's & Don'ts Part 2: Staff struggling with asking their clients to spend extra? It's all about taking an education mindset.

Think EDUCATING your customers, not selling to them...


The Untapped Salon Marketing Resource That Is LinkedIn

Book A Chat & Learn How To Get Clients For Free

There are 2 reasons why I believe LinkedIn is the best, most untapped Salon Marketing Tool available. Book a free chat and I can give you tips on how to use it and win new clients for no ad cost...


Facebook Live = Instant Attention

The great thing about Facebook Live is whilst you are live streaming; every one of your Business’ Facebook page followers (same as likes for a business page) will either receive a notification that you are live, or your live video will appear at the top of their news feed.

Your followers can then engage, tag people, share you video etc….creating free, instant advertising for you AND growing your Facebook followers!


Getting new clients from Facebook for FREE (Snippet of Live Video)

It start's with weeky Share Competitions to build your following.

Then once you have increased your follower base by hundreds or thousands (or whatever your goal might be): we can send offers via Facebook Live and regular posts to get some of your new audience booking with you.

Want the full video where I explain this step-by-step? Jump on our Facebook page and find the Live Stream Video with the same title


New Clients From LinkedIn

Over the next 2 weeks me and a colleague have a LinkedIn superstar teaches us all the new tricks we can use on LinkedIn to get more working professional clients for out Salon Partners.

The good news? Once we've done tests we'll be adding the best stuff to "Module 2: Build Your Company Database" to our Expert Company-Staff-Marketing Programme.

The good news FOR YOU? If you're a member or you sign up to our programme you'll be benefiting first-hand from these updates....

.....and learning how to gain more great new professional clients from the offices around you!


One Way To Increase Retail & Product Spend

*Retail is an absolute thorn in the side of many hair & beauty business owners. Especially with Amazon & co offer such cut prices.

*Here’s a monthly incentive that worked REALLY well for one of our salon partners:

*They created a monthly product sales comp where they put a big bright poster in the staff room with the full team listed down the page. Each time someone sold a product they earned a bright star sticker next to their name. End of the month whoever has the most stamps wins a prize.

*That prize was stated clearly on the poster of course. And the poster was placed where everyone saw it daily.

*They found this also encouraged those team members who not necessarily want to win…but rather not come last! Not being the lowest producer can be INCREDIBLY motivating for people. And whilst I’m not advocating “naming and shaming”, your staff need to understand that retail spend is a big part of a salons business.

Try this comp with a big bright poster if you wish to improve retail spend.


Looking For A Great Local New-Client Audience To Target? Schools!

Do you offer a corporate discount to the largest employerrs in your town? Disappointed with the lack of uptake? 

That's because all your competition are doing the same thing! And company intranet systems that list staff discounts are often totally ignored.

Want a  great industry to target? Try reaching out to your local schools. Teachers make great customers for Salons & Skin Clinics.

Just make sure it's a better offer than 20% off!


The Perfect New-Client Rewards Card To Get Max Re-Bookings

View the full info by ordering your FREE eBook "3 Quick Ways To Boost Your Salon Or Spa's Revenue"


Extra Little Touches Keep Customers

The world is full of excellent hairdressers and therapists, so how do you stand out? Little extra touches to your services can separate you from your competition and help keep clients coming back.

*If you're a Hair Salon, you should be giving each client an extra 10mins Head Massage before you starting Cutting or Colouring their hair

*If you're a Beauty Spa, try an extra 10mins Hand Massage before any Nail or Facial Treatment.

These little extras cost you nothing, make your client feel looked after and they won't go unnoticed. A great way to increase your percentage of 1st time customers re-booking with you.


Laser Hair Removal = The Perfect Offer + Upsell Treatment

*What started as a premium priced treatment with HUGE mark-up is now heavily discounted everywhere you look.

*However the great thing with laser hair removal you need 5 - 8 sessions for it to last long-term.... making it a PERFECT upselling treatment.

*So how to beat the competition and get clients booking with you and not them? Do some research on Google, see what deals are already out there in your town....

*Then create a bigger discount, BUT FOR ONLY 3 sessions. The bigger reduction will attract customers and once buyers have used those 3 treatments..... you can now offer a smaller incentive for them to complete their course. After all they're already halfway there :)

*This blueprint has worked really well with some of the Skin Clinics & Spas we work with!


You Have Advertising Campaigns Walk Through Your Doors Every Day

You have free walking, talking word-of-mouth ad campaigns come through your doors every day. They're called your customers. Never forget word of mouth is the best form of advertising. It can also be the most damaging. 

We teach salons how to run their own Company-Staff-Marketing Campaigns where they reach out to local companies with a new-client offer.

Often what happens is one person in an office might buy....then tell all her colleagues about her first experience. If that first experience is positive, more staff follow and the salon ges more new customers....

....if her first experience is one else in her office joins.

ALWAYS treat each new customer that walks through your doors as walking, talking ad campaigns for your business


Why Your Facebook Ads Are Not Working

If you're like me, or most of the business owners I know, you've experimented with Facebook PPC advertising.... with disappointing results.

My ads used to get a few likes (nice... I spose) but little else. I got a handful of customers, but ultimately made a loss. Sound familiar?

This was all until I discovered the power of retargetting. Think of all the people that visit your website... that decide for whatever reason not to book with you..... imagine creating a Facebook ad promoting a new-client offer THAT IS ONLY SEEN BY THOSE PEOPLE. People that know you, have visited your site and at some stage seriously considered booking with you....

This is a PERFECT target audience. If you are not using retargetting Facebook ads you are losing customers, it's that simple.

Reserve your spot for my next free training webinar to find out how members receive step-by-step instructions on how to do this.

(Honestly, it's really not hard. If I can do it, you can!)

50% Off New Client Discounts Are Far More Effective If....

*Ever run a "50% off your first visit" new client offer? It probably got some new faces through the door.... great!

*But HOW MANY of those new faces then booked again and continued to come back to your salon or spa? If you're like most businesses, it's well under half.

*There's not enough of a bond created during just the one appointment to get a client willing to now come back again paying DOUBLE what they paid the first time, even if you are a brilliant hairdresser or therapist.

*That's why "50% off your 1st visit" isn't enough to get many of new faces rebooked. Creating a New Client Rewards Card scheme that gives them incentives them to visit you THREE times is far more effective.......


Worried About Upsetting Regular Clients With New Client Offers?

Do you sometimes worry about p***ing off your regular clients with new-client offers that they cannot use? Don’t be….

We often get salons we work with at Elevate Salon & Spa Marketing worried about this, as we create an offer which is broadcast to staff working in all the offices in their town.

Inevitably some regular clients are going to see this great offer…that they cannot use….

We receive almost no complaints per campaign we do. People understand nowadays it’s what’s necessary in order to attract new faces.

And if any of your regulars grumble… give them a discount on their next appointment so they feel looked after


Your Exclusive Add-On Text Message Offer

Send booking reminders to yout clients buy text? Here's a quick way to put more cash in the till of your Salon or Spa; using an Add-On Offer exclusively for your bookings each day

Take a short, cheap, easy-to-add extra service, discount it by 50% and offer it ONLY to your bookings that day

Improving Your Colour Sales

*Currently 52% of women that colour their hair do so ONLY at home, from the bottle. How can we convert some of these people and get them adding colour when they visit you?

*Firstly lets identify your BEST TARGET AUDIENCE (a.k.a your "lowest hanging fruit") .....both your regular and first-up clients who visit for anything BUT colour! ESPECIALLY those who clearly colour their hair already...

*It is usually a cost issue so let's create a "New Colour-Client Special" of 50% off that you can offer specifically to these people

*In your consultation, as always be sure to tell your client what you think would look GREAT on them, provide a great experience with a fantastic end result and let's get more of your clients adding colour, at least occassonally, in your salon.


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