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Want to attract more clients in January? Start doing this RIGHT NOW

The influence of Google Reviews and social proof is no longer important... it is ESSENTIAL to a businesses growth

Over 600% return on ad spend for this Beauty Salon - 92p per lead

Hannah is the proud owner of Tyme4u Beauty Salon. Hannah's read my Google ads eBook and used it to create her own successful Google ads in the past. Her recent Instagram and Facebook ad efforts weren't performing as well however. So she joined the family and became a new partner.

How's it going?

Well, for her first £85 ad spend she received 92 leads, already secured 15 treatment bookings, total revenue over £400.Now that alone gives her a return of around 375% on that £85 ad spend.....

However, a whole bunch more of those 92 leads will book over the next 2 - 4 weeks.... We can safely estimate 25+ first-time treatments booked, created somewhere in the realm of £600 - £800 revenue, giving Hannah a return of 600% - 840% return on that £85. Re-bookings still to come... 


A 6-week plan you can use to be FLOODED with BOOKINGS

Want an effective marketing plan to achieve maximum bookings over the next 6 weeks?

The following is part of a proposal I sent a business recently, to get their salons as many Laser Hair Removal leads in 30 days with a £200 ad spend.... then convert those leads to paid bookings.

Use it to your advantage if you wish!


270 New Salon Clients and £41,170... from £1334

For a brand new hair salon in Swindon, owned by 2 cracking lads with a lot of experience working in London salons.

The strategy was a mix of 2 separate Facebook and corporate offers....


Facebook ads that win clients

How to create successful, mass client-winning Facebook Ads.

Check out our latest blog for full text.


€2,850 in the first 10 days

For our salon member in Cork Ireland.

Promoting a €95 hairdressing offer to local business staff.


Your most valuable marketing asset

If you had to guess, what do you feel gives you the best return on every $$$$ you spend on marketing?

Google PPC Ads? How about Facebook or Instagram Ads (inc boosting posts)? Email? SEO maybe?

There have been multiple studies on this, with these options plus a few more such as banner ads.

The winner is unanimous, smashing all the other options out of the park. 

It's about building lists that you OWN, which you can then market to for FREE.


Free Report - The 13 Best Money-Making Tools for Salons Post Pandemic

In our FREE new report we uncovers the best marketing tools (both free & paid) that won the most new clients in the past 24 months for Hair & Beauty businesses.....

To compile an accurate list we have:

1. Combed over the figures from the extensive marketing campaigns we've run for our salon partners in multiple countries

2. Looked closely at what worked best in marketing our own businesses

3. Considered the feedback we've received from the hundreds of consultations with salon owners, on what in-house methods have worked for them and what hasn't

Order your copy here


WIX does great FREE landing pages and auto-email

Which you can use to collect leads for your offers....


Prospecting + Retargeting

A deadly, often NECESSARY advertising combination....


Would you be able to say no?

𝗪𝗼𝘂𝗹𝗱 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝗯𝗲 𝗮𝗯𝗹𝗲 𝘁𝗼 𝘀𝗮𝘆 𝗻𝗼 𝘁𝗼 𝘁𝗵𝗶𝘀?

If you wanted Hair Extensions or a dramatic new look for summer?

We welcome new partner Ebano in Dublin, with a Hair Transformation🔥 offer on their Easilocks Extensions range.

We're about to create some stunning Social Media ads that lead to this landing page

So.... would you be able to resist this? 😉


The power of video and Facebook Live streaming

Want last-minute bookings? Utilise the attention-grabbing powers of Facebook Live....


This lockdown period is all about growth and planning!

Some of the worlds best universities are giving away FREE online courses. With this lockdown madness, now is a time for personal growth and planning for the BOOM when we start trading again! 

Check out this vid for details on how to access those online courses.


Will salons need to discount when they re-open?

I'm hearing a lot of contrasting opinions on what salon owners should do when they eventually re-open, once things get back to relative normality.

Will they need to discount to get most of their clients back, due to the inevitable recession coming?

Or will the government payouts to people mean it's not necessary?

Here are my thoughts and advice in this vid.

And click here for a FREE Social Media Marketing Course. Educate and grow during lockdown people!


FLOOD YOUR SALON With Profitable New Clients Part 1

How to FLOOD YOUR SALON With Profitable New Clients Using Google Ads, Part 1:

Here we break down the step by step process to create super-successful, client winning Google Ad campaigns. Which is the topic of our FREE new eBook coming very soon.


Free eBook - The 6 Steps To Flood Your Salon With New Clients Using Google Ads

There are troubled times ahead. So as promised, we're giving you our secret 6-step Google ads formula that gets ANY SALON booked up with new clients.

We're even giving you tutorial videos for each step. Our gift to you, to hopefully help you replenish any lost bookings you might encounter in the coming months.

Grab your free copy here:


Ignore the recession at your peril....

Friend, there are bumpy times ahead. I'm sure you'll agree. I sincerely hope your business is not affected by the inevitable downturn, but many will be. Particularly those with big teams.

So after the initial stampede when you re-open your doors....are you prepared for potential lost bookings and how to replenish them?


Your website is 53 x (!!!) more likely to rank highly on Google with this...

Did you know on average the 1st ranking business gets a whooping 38% of all the clicks.

In other words 38% of organic (not paid ads) visitor clicks for something on Google are on the highest ranked business.

Second highest gets around 18.5%. Third downwards fight for the rest.

If you're not ranked 1st or 2nd for those main keywords, think of all those potential customers visiting your site if you were.

So whats the one thing you can add to your homepage to become 53 x more likely to rank highly, hopefully getting to that 1st or 2nd spot?

Tune in and find out :)


3 Free Marketing Tools you should be using when your salon re-opens

For full information with in-detail written content, please visit our Blog page 3 Free Marketing Tools you should be using when your salon re-opens


Been hit hard with local offices closed?

With many companies confirming their staff will work from home for the rest of the year, finding new ways to attract customers will be crucial for some...


5 HIGHLY valuable things we learnt in 2020

In these quiet days during lockdown we look back over the year gone and assess what worked and what didn't.

What marketing campaigns and tools worked best for the businesses we partners with and ran ads for......

Then as always I like to take my learnings and pass it on to business owners who find such advice useful.

Here's 5 important things we learned.


Getting ready to pull the trigger

And swamp our latest member with more new clients than they know what to do with...


19 new clients in the first 7 days

For our latest member of the Ultimate Digital Ad Strategy....


1000 review readers

Need persuading on how valuable strong Google Reviews are? Listen to this...


How to get better leads from the largest organisations in your town

Reached out to your local corporates with a discount..... only to find it gets no takers.

Here's how to find the right people in your towns largest organisations, properly reach out to them AND get their staff booking with you...


New free eBook on Digital Ads

How to create Google and Facebook Ads THAT WORK in gaining you great new clients for a profit.

That's what we'll be providing in our FREE new eBook coming very soon :)


Crazy Christmas profits

How to maximise December sales and new year clients!


How to convert strangers into clients

How to take cold traffic (poeple who no nothing about your salon) and convert them to BOILING HOT excited new customers!


£750 new revenue from £140 ad spend in 2 weeks

£750 new revenue from a £140 ad spend in the first 2 weeks of our Ultimate Digital Ad Strategy


Salon ads that get the most attention

Salon ads that get the most attention....use your most extreme coloiur models and photo shoots

The Power Of FREE

Chapter 12 of The Killer Guide To Salon Success: People are irrationally drawn to FREE stuff and the word FREE in advertising. (Read the book Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely, he provides some fascinating tests to prove this).

Next time you advertise: add something FREE with the promotion....

Or offer a FREE little touch or FREE product when clients upgrade or buy a certain service you want to push....

.....and utilise this irrationality!


Lessons in the POWER of Social Proof......from a car garage

Powerful lessons....from a car repairs garage. And why Great Customer Care + Social Proof is a winning combination.

Behind word-of-mouth, Social Proof is THE BIGGEST influencer in people's booking decisions nowadays. So run an incentive and collect 5-Star Google Reviews fast!

The best average star rating by AT LEAST 100 reviewers guarantees many potential customers book WITH YOU and not your competition.


Want a better response from your ads? Say this....

Want to attract more customers from your advertising? Here's a sure-fire way to achieve this....


What gives expert marketers the best ROI?

Can you guess what gets expert marketers the best ROI for every $1 they spend? 

In renowned digital marketer Sabri Suby's book Sell Like Crazy he reveals what return he gets from advertising on Google, Facebook & Instagram, Banner Ads, Email, Catalogues, SEO and Mobile Marketing.....

The winner is waaaaaaaay out in front.....can you guess what it is? I bet you can't.....

This is a big lesson on what platforms are sexy...and what ACTUALLY WORKS.  


Facebook Live = Instant Attention

The great thing about Facebook Live is whilst you are live streaming; every one of your Business’ Facebook page followers (same as likes for a business page) will either receive a notification that you are live, or your live video will appear at the top of their news feed.

Your followers can then engage, tag people, share you video etc….creating free, instant advertising for you AND growing your Facebook followers!


Looking For A Great Local New-Client Audience To Target? Schools!

Do you offer a corporate discount to the largest employerrs in your town? Disappointed with the lack of uptake? 

That's because all your competition are doing the same thing! And company intranet systems that list staff discounts are often totally ignored.

Want a  great industry to target? Try reaching out to your local schools. Teachers make great customers for Salons & Skin Clinics.

Just make sure it's a better offer than 20% off!


The Perfect New-Client Rewards Card To Get Max Re-Bookings

View the full info by ordering your FREE eBook "3 Quick Ways To Boost Your Salon Or Spa's Revenue"


Extra Little Touches Keep Customers

The world is full of excellent hairdressers and therapists, so how do you stand out? Little extra touches to your services can separate you from your competition and help keep clients coming back.

*If you're a Hair Salon, you should be giving each client an extra 10mins Head Massage before you starting Cutting or Colouring their hair

*If you're a Beauty Spa, try an extra 10mins Hand Massage before any Nail or Facial Treatment.

These little extras cost you nothing, make your client feel looked after and they won't go unnoticed. A great way to increase your percentage of 1st time customers re-booking with you.


You Have Advertising Campaigns Walk Through Your Doors Every Day

You have free walking, talking word-of-mouth ad campaigns come through your doors every day. They're called your customers. Never forget word of mouth is the best form of advertising. It can also be the most damaging. 

We teach salons how to run their own Company-Staff-Marketing Campaigns where they reach out to local companies with a new-client offer.

Often what happens is one person in an office might buy....then tell all her colleagues about her first experience. If that first experience is positive, more staff follow and the salon ges more new customers....

....if her first experience is one else in her office joins.

ALWAYS treat each new customer that walks through your doors as walking, talking ad campaigns for your business


Your Exclusive Add-On Text Message Offer

Send booking reminders to yout clients buy text? Here's a quick way to put more cash in the till of your Salon or Spa; using an Add-On Offer exclusively for your bookings each day

Take a short, cheap, easy-to-add extra service, discount it by 50% and offer it ONLY to your bookings that day

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