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Learn The Best Marketing Strategy For Your Salon GUARANTEED To Win Lots Of Clients & Increase Your Profits

For the last 12 years we’ve worked exclusively with Hair & Beauty Salons and Skin Clinics of various sizes in the UK, Ireland, France and Scandinavia. We’ve tried and tested a wide variety of ad and marketing strategies and played a key role in accelerating the growth of HUNDREDS of businesses.

Secret #1: You can consistently gain great new clients for NO COST whatsoever

Secret #2: Google AdWords, Facebook PPC and other paid ad platforms can work well.... but they are not the best way of achieving significant customer growth and bigger profits.

Secret #3: Most Salon Owners think LinkedIn is for suit-and-tie jobs and recruitment only..... they are wrong.

In my next free 60mins New-Client Masterclass Webinar “Add 250 Great New Clients From Local Businesses & RAPIDLY Increase Your Salons Profits.....For NO Ad Spend Or Giveaways” you will learn:

Why you DO NOT have to waste your profits on Ad Campaigns or Marketing Agency fees that produce questionable results
The type of Hair or Beauty offers that not only get great uptake, but ensure extra spend from your new clients and a higher re-booking %
How to properly reach out to your "Dream List" of local organisations and pluck great new clients from them
How that Company List will become the most valuable marketing tool you have, generating MASSIVE word-of-mouth around town for your brand

But hang on! Before we get too carried away; I don’t want to waste your time by having you reserve your spot, only to find this isn’t suitable for you. So let’s get a few things out on the table right now:

*If you are not willing to discount some services in order to gain new clients, there’s nothing we can do for you

*If you have a salon that charges cut-price rates, so you’re charging half the price that most other salons in your town are charging, it may limit the success of what we teach

So book your spot so I can give you some valuable marketing advice. And if you find it in any way useful, I’m grateful that we could make a positive impact on your business.

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