3 Free Marketing Tools for When Your Salon Re-opens

Finally! That exciting (and perhaps daunting) time approaches when salons get to re-open their doors. At least here in the UK.

With the new PPE requirements and Social Distancing, I think we can all agree it’s not going to be plain-sailing.

As we are all aware, one of the potential setbacks with social distancing measures is that bookings may have to be spaced out more with longer opening hours, which is what many of our salon members are doing. And of course with all the talk of a recession, there could be plenty of cost cautious people out there who delay longer between appointments.

So here are 3 Free Marketing Tools you can start using as soon as you re-open, to help attract more customers and replenish any lost bookings.


1. Start Building Google Social Proof

Did you know on average people will read the top 6 customer reviews before deciding to buy or book something?

Think of when you buy something off Amazon. Personally, the number one factor that determines whether I buy one product and not another is which has the highest average star rating by the most reviewers.

When someone is choosing a new salon, clinic, barbers, yoga studio etc…..it’s no different.

After maybe asking friends, what’s the first thing most people will do when looking for a new salon? Google search for it.

Up pops a list of venues includes your own..... accompanied by your Google average star rating.

People will instantly favour those that have the best reviews by a decent amount of reviewers.

(For me, any less than 50 loses credibility because people suspect some, or even most, of those reviews could be fake).

That’s why I firmly believe Google Reviews is the most under-utilised free marketing tool available for businesses. If you can achieve a 4.7+ star rating by 100+ reviewers, potential customers will be drawn to you.

Have a 4.7+ star rating by THE MOST reviews in your town and you’ll attract new clients like moths to a flame.

(And if you've already achieved this? Keep building your Social Proof so new faces don’t want to go anywhere else!)

So how do we achieve this these milestones by collecting 5-star reviews fast?

Here's 2 ideas for incentives that can work well:

Either give your clients 10% off their bill OR they go in a draw to win a bottle of champagne. (Tip: put the bottle at front desk so everyone can see it, making it more enticing!)

Ask each client who has visited you at least twice (as they're your happy customers) to Google review you. The best time to this is when they have completed their service and are at front desk about to pay.

This way, if you’re running a 10% discount; it’s an immediate saving for them in real time, giving max appeal!

(Because of Covid 19: if you’re only taking phone payments that’s fine, just request they review you after their service).

In order to leave a review, the customer will need a Google account of some kind, whether it be Gmail, YouTube, Google Play etc.

And if they don’t have a Google account? Honestly, I know this is going to sound a little hard-ball but I would insist it must be a Google review to get the incentive.

Because Google reviews are so much more valuable than any other reviewing platform for attracting new faces.

So perhaps explain the incentive to your client when they first arrive and offer to help them set up a Google account? It’s quick and easy, just ensure your reception team are firmly aware of how to post a Google review on mobile phones and create Google accounts if need be, so they can guide each client.

If your client is a regular and loves visiting you, many will be happy to give you that big, shiny 5 stars!

The sustained effort here is absolutely worth it. First target (if not already achieved) is 4.7+ stars by at least 100 reviewers....

........then keep at it to eventually become top dog with the strongest Google Social Proof in your town.

Achieve this and potential new clients will just have to visit you to see what all the fuss it about smiley

To view a salon that truly harnesses the power of Google Reviews: Google “Ena Salon London”. Now that’s Social Proof!

2. Run “Share & Follow” Facebook competitions