6 Highly Valuable Things We Learnt for Salons In 2021

It’s been a year perhaps many of us are looking forward to forgetting.

Lockdown and the scare of catching Covid forced some very noticeable changes in the Hair and Beauty industries and in people’s buying and booking habits last year.

Here are what we consider to be 6 valuable things we learnt last year that may help you in 2022.

1. Customer Reviews and strong social proof is more important than ever

Customer service is the new marketing.

By now you should know that when someone is searching for a salon, skin clinic or anything else: in most cases the most influential factor in deciding who they book with isn’t your website, offer, or awards you’ve won.

These all help, but the first (and sometimes only) thing most people will see and pay attention to is your Google average star rating and some of your recent/most relevant reviews.

There is so much misinformation and outright lying online these days, customer reviews has become the only trusted way for consumers to gain a truthful, authentic insight into a business or product’s quality.

(Although as we business owners know, some customer reviews are anything but truthful!)

Because a Google search is almost always how people initially find things online: Google is the customer review platform you should be targeting. Have a solid Google star rating by THE MOST reviewers in your town and you’ll attract new customers like bees to honey.

So if this is something you’ve neglected to date, I strongly recommend you train your team to encourage your clients and customers to review you, consistently.

It’s no longer important; it’s fast becoming utterly essential for a business’ growth.

2. While hairdressing bookings remained fairly consistent, beauty bookings either decreased or fluctuated wildly.