Commission-Only Model – Pay Us For New Bookings Only

We’re always looking at ways to create more value for salons.

So to help remove as much risk as possible for businesses where profits are lean, or those that simply do like the idea of a month, we’ve just created a new, commission-only payment model.

Drum roll please……..

We charge a one-off £299 fee to set up a Salon Funnel which includes creating an eVoucher or promo coded offer, digital ads, landing page the ads direct to, plus an afterflow of email and sms to “work your leads” and convert a high percentage in to paying clients.

After that, we take a 15% commission on the new-bookings revenue we create you.

End of the month we (or you) log in to bookings software, isolate your offer bookings (for most booking software’s this is fast and simple), and invoice you 15%. Simple!

Pretty excited about this, as it helps salon owners breathe easy knowing that of we don’t get you results, you don’t pay us.

Let’s break down exactly what we’re doing for salons when we build out a Salon New-Bookings Funnel for them…

New-client offer – explain the returns you can expect (£197 value)

Digital Ads – using the best platform, we’ll create ads that DEMAND attention and win maximum clicks (£327 value)

Landing page – a lead capturing webpage that WOWS! your prospects (£327 value)

Old Customer Database – send us your contacts list of “lapsed clients” who haven’t visited you in 2 – 3 years and we’ll email marketing the promotion to them also (£199 p/month value)

Email + SMS flow – we’ll “work your leads” by building out a flow of emails and sms that your leads receiving, warming them up until they are ready to book (£199 p/month value)

Continued Improvement & Monthly Reporting – we’ll report each month to the penny how much gross profit your campaign is making and keep driving down cost to acquire each new booking (£199 p/month value)

We’re also going to throw in a bunch of bonuses to help you grow your business and max out your bookings calendar even further.

Bonus 1 – Templates of our best Hair Stylist & Beauty Therapist job ads we’ve written for salons, which we’ve used to help salons recruit in positions ranging from graduates to franchise buyers! (£147 value)

Bonus 2 Instant lead notification emails, so each and every lead who orders your offer is delivered to your inbox immediately (£97 value p/month)

Bonus 3 – Our Ultimate Lead Conversion Message templates. Text message scripts to send to each lead to create conversations that lead to them sat in your chair (£197 value)

So with us working your leads using an Email + SMS flow…. and your receptionist messaging them using the message templates we give you….

This becomes a new-bookings conversion system on hyperdrive!

You’re looking a total value of £1195 set up + templates plus £694 per month ongoing.

We’re giving new partners all of this for a one-off £299 set up then 15% commission on new bookings revenue this funnel creates for you.

You just pay for your digital ad spend, which can be as little as £5 per day.

Wild huh.

Oh and if you think there still too much risk involved, we’re now removing all risk for you with our Our 8 Week, Unconditional, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, which is such:

Regardless of the figures we achieve for you, if you are not happy with your results after the first 8 weeks, we’ll give you back ALL THE MONEY you’ve paid us!

No questions asked, money in your account within 48 hours. You’ll receive that signed in writing from us.

Bottom line is if you’re not happy, I’m not happy.

Best case scenario your Salon Funnel fills the empty spaces in your calendar with new bookings and skyrockets your revenue.

Worst case you get to tell me I suck, I refund you all your money and you still walk away with bookings in that first 8 weeks.

Pay strictly for performance.

We get you new clients or you don’t pay us.

If this is of interest, book a strategy call here and let’s see if this model could be right for you.

….Like moths to a flame….

Scott Dance
July 2022

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