When Advertising Your Salon on Social Media NEVER Forget This


Running ads on Facebook or Instagram for your salon or skin clinic?

Or boosting the odd post from time to time to attract new bookings?

When creating your ads, one important thing to keep in mind is that many of the people who are seeing your ads (that you are hoping to attract), are seeing ads for multiple salons. Not just yours.

You’ve probably noticed, Facebook and Instagram are very good at figuring out what you’re interested in… then showing you similar posts and articles.

Sadly when advertising for new clients this is no different; those prospects who read your post, click on your ads and take the next step will almost certainly be seeing ads from other salons in your area.

So when creating your ads, keep that in mind and ask yourself how can I stand out?

You want to be making ads that jump out at your prospects.

Ads that demand they STOP! mindlessly scrolling, read your headline, read your primary text, and click to learn more or become a lead.

There are numerous ways you can achieve this and make your ads more appealing. When done together you can create ads that get a far greater click through rate than the usual.

I see a lot of social media ads for salons. I see a lot of awful ads that will likely be getting very little returns and losing money.

Ads that are created by people who clearly think that by just getting their brand on newsfeeds and stating who they are and what treatments they provide, will be enough to get new clients profitably rolling in.

Almost always, it is not.

So how to stand out and create ads that convert to bookings and money banked?

The first tip is obvious: advertise an enticing offer.

It doesn’t have to be big discounts. (Although is it perhaps worth mentioning that something like 50% off a new guest’s first visit has proven for us to be the most profitable over time, due to the sheer numbers of visitors in drives through your doors).

Giving new clients something complimentary when booked with a full priced service can work well. The more value and popularity of that complimentary treatment, the more new clients you can expect.

We ran a campaign recently for a hair and beauty salon where new clients received a complimentary 1 hour Facial worth £55 with a full priced Hair Cut or Colour. It killed.

Package offers where the client is getting multiple treatments for a big reduction, but still pays a healthy sum to get the package, can work great.

Once you’ve devised your killer offer that’s going to grab people’s attention, the next way the increase your ads appeal and get prospects taking action is put some tight, now-or-never scarcity or urgency on your ads.

Closes end of the month!  

Valid for the first 50 new guests only and places are already going fast!

Very effective for taking a prospect who’s a “hmmm maybe” to a “s*** I don’t want to miss out! I’m booking”

FOMO is a very powerful tool my friend. It is a known fact
that the pain we feel from losing something is far greater than the positive emotions we feel from gaining it.


It’s called loss aversion… use it and abuse it in your advertising and win more attention, more clicks, more enquiries…. more bookings!

Of course running offers is not the only way to stand out. Video ads are considered much more engaging than stills (we almost always running video ads for our clients).

But in order to not just stand out, but get people engaged and impressed enough to then book with you when you’re running these for brand awareness only, take the time to create something special.

Before and after promo videos with a client can achieve this.

Kate sits in your chair, her hair is a mess. Her stylist gives her an in-depth consultation, show’s her a colour chart…then gets to work. Both ladies are having a great time, smiling and laughing. Kate looks relaxed and happy.

Then voila! It cuts to the finished product. Kate’s hair is transformed. She looks amazing. Her stylist takes photos of her… it’s all very glamourous.

A video like this can create excitement and get new clients happy to pay top dollar, because it paints a very vivid picture in their mind of themselves receiving that same transformation.

They see themselves in that video, looking and feeling amazing.


Match an impressive video like this with a first-time offer, that is for a limited time or for limited people… and watch the clicks, likes, engagement and new bookings spike.

So the next time you’re about to boost that post or create that ad remember:

A lot of the audience I’m trying to attract are seeing ads for other salons as well.

How can I stand out? How can my advertising be a cut above the rest?

And use these principles.

….Like moths to a flame….

Scott Dance
November 2022

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