An Under-Utilized GOLDMINE for Salons, Barbers & Skin Clinics

Looking for a cost effective way to give your bookings a serious boost?

Here's a way to achieve this for little to no cost.... using your "old customer" database.

In speaking with salon owners daily, one massive asset many of them are not utilising is their pre-existing client contacts list.

At most, businesses are emailing their list once monthly. And typically with boring “news” that no one cares about, or small reductions that might get the odd booking here and there.

Below is a simple strategy we use to fully monetize a salons customer list for them, which you can easily do yourself.

Question: how long have you been in business?

If the answer is several years, you must have a big fat customer database by now right?

Even if you've only been around for a couple of years, you should have a list of several hundred?

Create a “lapsed clients” list: your full database of customers that have opted in to your marketing that HAVE NOT visited you in at least 12 months.

You can do this yourself with most salon booking softwares, but if you’re struggling: reach out to your softwares support requesting this 12-month lapsed client list.

Or there’s another way: Download your full customer database. Then create and download another list, only of customers that have visited you in the past 12 months.

Now cross-reference and remove those last-12-month visitors from your big list and hey presto! You now have your 12 month lapses “old customer” database.

That database is a GOLDMINE with which you can market your new-client offers to.

I mean it's safe to say if they've not visited you in at least a year, many have slipped through the cracks and probably don't intend to visit any time soon right? Some businesses will create an 18 month or even 24 month lapsed list. Whatever no-visit amount of time that you feel is right to validate someone as a new client again.

Start emailing that list any offers you're using to attract new business. 

They're your lowest hanging fruit to target and it's costing you zilch.

But don't stop there. On average only 20 - 40% of people read email.

Blast out an SMS about the offer to your list and almost EVERYONE will see it. You can do these SMS sends for as little as £.025p per message using a software such as

That's £25 to send a short, sharp message to 1000 old customers!

The majority of whom will read it. Unbeatable value and likely a very good return.

As always, we never endorse or encourage anything that hasn't worked for us and our salon partners. The proof is in the pudding.

So here's a couple of recent examples from our partners to consider.

House of Beauty received 35 new bookings from our promotion in Jan, banking £1300+

The strategy? Email and SMS their offer to their old database and launch Google ads to bring in brand new clients.

Most digital ad campaigns take a week or 2 for bookings to start coming in, so it's safe to assume that most of these first-month bookings are from the old customer database.

The total cost for that email and SMS send? £41.80

Then we have Image Salon, who after an email and SMS to their old customer database, they've had 25 clients book their 50% off Advanced Skincare treatments offer.

5 of those clients thus far have booked treatment courses.

Total spent? 244.88

Total banked? £2000+

Never forget about that old customer database. You should be updated it and sending offers via email and SMS regularly.

It’s a revenue machine sat waiting to be used.

Scott Dance
February 2022

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