The Best Way to Advertise a Specific Treatment or Service

Do you have a new treatment or service you really want to promote?

Or something that you know gives clients the best possible results for their money?

Perhaps you offer only a specific line of treatments that you’re REALLY good at?

A constant, recurring theme we find in all the strategy sessions we do for salons is many want to advertise a certain treatment. Often something unique to them OR high-priced.

We had a Beauty Salon owner who is one of the few in her area to offer Baldan Infrared Weight-Loss Therapy.

Another Beauty Salon owner wanted to really push the Bio Gold Collagen Mask Facials.

Often we get hair salon owners wanting to promote Hair Extensions, as another example.

Now before we go any further on advertising one thing and one thing only….let me say one important thing:

If you’re looking to attract lots of new clients for through the door as cheaply as possible (ideally between 10 – 20 empty slots filled per week), you’re wasting your time promoting only a specific treatment.

The exceptions to the above are things that everyone, or almost everyone, has regularly.  Cuts, colour, nails, beard trims for gents…..

There’s really not a whole lot else in the “almost everyone must have this” category.

Pedicures are seasonal for a lot of people (summer feet!), hair removal there are several options (waxing, laser) etc….

So with those absolutely must-have’s not considered, I know the following thought is attractive:

“I want 10 new Microdermabrasion clients per week!!”

Or “I want 15 new clients per week booking Balayage!”

Or “I want 20 new gents visiting per week, but all using our full men’s grooming package instead of just haircuts!”

In theory it sounds ideal. But in practice, if you want maximum new bookings for as little ad cost as possible, the above is flawed thinking no matter how popular any one treatment may be. (Again the exceptions being the mainstream must-have’s above).

So to get all those columns filled you want an offer that incorporates most, if not ALL, your treatments or services.

A fixed discount or reduction that’s applicable to all (or at least most) of your menu.

So you’re appealing to the masses.

This way your Facebook, Instagram, print ads, flyers etc are going to generate far more interest. More clicks, more leads…..and more new clients.

Sure, Facebook and Instagram advertising allows you to target an audience based on likes, interests and behaviour of course.

But we’ve found even playing around with audiences to see what gets the best click-thru-rates: when promoting a specific treatment you are essentially still looking for much less fish in your pond.

Keep your new-client offer open to everything you offer in the salon, you now effectively have a lot more fish to real in from the same size pond.

That’s not to say promoting a specific treatment cannot get you those numbers. It absolutely can, but on platforms such as social media you’re going to have to spend a lot more to acquire each new booking.

So! With that needed to be said, back to the main topic of you having a specific treatment or service you want to promote…. and how's best to advertise it without losing money to win each new client.

My advice to you is the same we always give to other business owners.

Google PPC ads is likely going to get you more new clients than any social media platform.

As I’ve alluded to above, even with its excellent audience targeting, with social media it can be "needle in a haystack" stuff in finding the right people who become paying clients for your specific treatment. 

Google PPC on other hand allows you to target ONLY people who are looking for the exact treatment you're trying to promote.

Example.... let's say you want to promote waxing.

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