A Low Cost Formula That Wins You Local Professional Clients For A Healthy Profit

Our Local-Business Targeted Promotions are where we will create, market and sell a New-Client Offer EXCLUSIVELY to working professionals and local business staff in your town. It is a strategy that wins great new clients for NO AD COST whatsoever and has sky rocketed bookings and revenues for many salons we've worked with. 

Here's what we'll do for you: 

Together we create your New Client eVoucher Offer: we can show you a unique multi-visit offer layout that not only gets great uptake, but ensures extra spend from your new clients and a higher re-booking %

We will market, sell and distribute your offer eVouchers exclusively to local business staff using B2B Email Marketing and LinkedIn

This will include winning new clients from the largest organisations in your area, creating strong word-of-mouth and spreading your brand across town like a wildfire!

We can market your offer in December as Christmas gifts, meaning THOUSANDS 💲💲💲💲 in Gift Sales Revenue for you and a whole new set of clients booking in January

"I've spend thousands on advertising....this is by far the best. They can advertise to local businesses on your behalf so your client base is kept professional. We're finding most clients are coming back!" Emma-Jane Linehan, Viva Hair  

And what do we charge for this? We take a commission only (the percentage dependant on the offering), plus a one-off £149 set-up fee which we simply deduct off our first monthly payment to you. So no initial outlay and no monthly ongoing fees whatsoever.

".....highly organised and professional, supplying us with timely, accurate and relevant clients." Mark Weston, Muse of London

We send you an updated Buyers Details Sheet each week that provides your eVoucher buyers names, contact details and even the company they work for. Then at the end of each month we transfer your $$$$$ owing. Simple :)

Book a chat now and let's see if our Local Business Targeted Promotion strategy is for you.

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