Creating Successful Facebook Ads for Salons

In the Digital Ad space; Google, Facebook and Instagram get the lion’s share of ad spend.

And for good reason. These platforms are so targeted and results can be so accurately measured, businesses no longer have to use those “spray and pray” advertising methods such as newspaper prints or radio.

Facebook (and Instagram, which is owned by Facebook) have upped their game BIG TIME in the past few years with their advertising options, particularly with their sophisticated audience targeting and the ability to get your ads seen for relatively low cost.

Note that when you create Facebook Ads they will automatically be displayed on Instagram as well, unless you change in the Placements section. Facebook owns Instagram after all.

In this article I’m going to break this down into 3 highly effective Facebook Ad strategies to win clients.

But before I do, I want to share with you a couple of key things that will get the best results from your Facebook ads.

Your Offer:

Firstly before you dive into any means of paid digital advertising you should always create a new-client-only offer to advertise.

To advertise on these digital platforms without an enticing first visit offer in place is to throw away money. “Brand Awareness” in the hair and beauty world we view as a waste of time and cash, as you are going to get significantly more interest with an eye-grabbing offer as your ad headline.

Whether that be 50% off, or just £10 - £20 off, a new clients’ first visit. Once decided, put your offer onto an eVoucher, which can just be a very basic PDF or even word doc.

On your eVoucher you can include a generic passcode your new client quotes when they book, then displays on their phone when they arrive.

Your Landing Page:

We always recommend creating a landing page (webpage) that your ad clicks direct to. On this landing page your potential new clients will provide their name and email, in exchange for an eVoucher you email them.
This may come at a cost for your website developer to create, but its well worth the cost as you can use it to promote future offers.

Check out this landing page for one of our Salon Members, Red Hair Salons.

Emails To eVoucher Holders:

Doing it this way is highly effective because you can then send them email reminders over the next few weeks. Not only reminding them to book, also you can include snippets of info about your business. Pics of your best world, tutorials, awards, your best customer reviews etc.

All helping you potential new client familiarise themselves with your salon and in the process getting you max bookings!

Ok on to your Facebook ads.

2.1 Facebook Video View ads

If you’re on a limited budget, probably the best way to get your business and offer in front of as many eyes as possible is with a Video Views campaign.  

If you’ve not got a promotional video for your salon, don’t worry. Creating a simple video on your iPhone will be just fine.

You DO NOT have to create a video to the standard of a TV commercial! In fact, it’s considered that basic, reality-style videos are equally effective because it gives your business an authentic feel that people can relate to.

Here’s 2 great ideas for a 2- 3 mins video:

1. You or your sharpest colleague working your magic on another staff member or client (with then looking wonderful afterwards at the end shot).

2. You standing at front desk, addressing the camera at a busy time with your busy, bustling, energetic salon behind you. Welcome new faces in with your offer.

I repeat, you do not have to film a Hollywood trailer! A basic video using your phone will be just fine. If you want to trim it and throw your logo at the end, check out this YouTube tutorial on how to create free, slick salon videos using Windows Movie Maker here. (There will be a similar free application using Apple Mac). 

With your video done, you’re ready to create a Video Views Facebook campaign! You can create a campaign with a specific target audience (women, men, age group etc), and be sure to select your town/area only as the target location.

Create an attention grabbing headline that explains the offer, and don’t be afraid to include plenty of info in the ad description.

We recommend including selling points such as your best 5 star customer reviews, any wards you’ve won and any other things that make your business the bees knees J

Here’s an example of a Video View Facebook ad we are running for Fitfifteen, an online home-workouts business.

With as little as £5 per a day budget, a Video Views campaign can your name see by thousands of potential clients in your area. It’s a highly cost effective way to spread your brand and offer.

2.2 Facebook Conversion Ads

A little more techy this time, but if this not your forte then all you need to do is pass this info on to your site developer. 

If you have a created an offer landing page that people enter their name details on, you can create a “Custom Conversion” on Facebook that tracks every time someone submits their deets to receive the offer.

This is one of the reasons why digital advertising has taken over: its ability to track actual results and therefor gauge how successful your ads are.

Once that custom conversion is in place, you can then create a Conversions campaign.

Use an eye-grabbing still image (tip: if you’re a hair salon go with one of your most extravagant hair colour jobs: blue, ice, bright pink!) with the same Headline (explaining the offer) and Description (impressing people with reviews, awards and why you’re so god dam cool) as your Video campaign.

The beauty of this is in the “Results” column it’s going to tell you how many people subscribe to your offer and how much it’s costing you per conversion (subscriber).

You can then test different ads with new images, change up the headlines and description wording etc, and see which ads are getting you the lowest cost per conversion.

The goal: find the best performing ad, establish that your campaign is profitable, then up your daily budget to get a consistent flow of new clients each month!

2.3 Facebook Retargeting Ads

Remember the last time you were browsing online for clothes?

You then closed that website and jumped on your Facebook (or Instagram)…..and up pops an ad on your Newsfeed from that exact website, throwing the clothes you were just looking at straight back in your face!

Every wondered how they do that? Using a Facebook tracking pixel and retargeting ad, that’s how! And you can absolutely use it for your business as well.

By placing a Facebook pixel code on your website (which is invisible), Facebook tracks every person who visits your website and can then display your Facebook ad on the newsfeeds of ONLY those people!

This is a perfect audience of people who already know about you (they’ve visited your site after all), many of whom could be considering booking with you.

Remember this golden rule of advertising: most potential new clients are going to need to see your brand several times before they book with you.

Facebook retargeting is excellent for this. Putting an ad with an eye-grabbing image/video and headline promoting a first-time visitor offer in front of someone whose looking for what you provide, can be the difference between said person booking with you and not your competition.

It gets better.

You can send a retargeting ad to people who have only visited specific pages on your website. So if you have an Offers webpage promoting a new-client-only offer: you can get that offer in front of those page visitors again, the moment they open their Social Media.

You cannot get much more lower hanging fruit than that.

Fascinated by this stuff and want to learn how to do it? Check out my YouTube video tutorial below that shows you step by step how to insert a Facebook pixel and create retargeting ads.

Hope this has helped you understand the awesome power of Facebook Advertising!

If you’re interested in us running a killer Facebook ad campaign for you; jump on our Digital Ads page here and book a strategy session. Perhaps we can work together.

......Like moths to a flame......

Scott Dance, Founder 

9th July 2020 

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