We won't just create high converting Google, Facebook or Instagram ads. We'll build out a 4-Step Salon Funnel that includes email and SMS marketing to your "old clients"... guaranteeing more new bookings and much higher return from your spend! Check out the video for full details.

Within 7 days we can have your digital ads funnel all set up and have bookings coming in. 


"Their systems work brilliantly. We’ve seen hundreds of new clients, many turn into regular clients."

Andy Martin,Associates Hair


""The marketing systems they have created are truly created an INCREDIBLE amount of revenue.

Dom Panetta, Migele Experience


"One of the best decisions I ever made relating to marketing of my
5 Star Salon!" 

Sandra Kotecha,Original Hair Studio


We'll fill those empty slots with great new clients for as little as £87 (or €100) per week...

Hello fellow Entrepreneur, Director or Business Manager,

You're reading this for a reason. You want to grow your business. 

I'll cut straight to the chase: these are weird times right now. Businesses have been depleted and many desperately need clients.

If you're like most Hair, Beauty or Aesthetic businesses we speak to, you'll fall in to one of three categories:

1. Since good ol' Uncle Covid came along, your bookings have been cut by 30 - 50% and you need clients NOW.

2. You have 1 or 2 stylists, therapists or practitioners that are relatively new and need to build their columns.

3. You're an established, thriving business or chain wanting an effective marketing formula that works reliably, so you have one less thing to worry about.

Would you place yourself in one (or two) of these categories right now?

If so you're certainly in the right place.

I know the answer to this question often hurts... but have you wasted a lot of your hard-earned money on marketing that's produced poor results and disappointment?

We're not trying to blow our own trumpet, but after doing this marketing gunk for hundreds of salons in about 8 different countries, it will probably take a 10mins chat for us to figure out what you're doing wrong and show you why.

We regularly speak to frustrated business owners who are running Facebook/Instagram ads, boosting posts or running Google ads; they're offering a big discount, that get lots of likes and enquiries....but very few people actually become paying clients!

Or worst yet:

Social Media ads that have beautiful imagery or a cool video.... that lead straight to their website homepage. I see these all the time. It kills me.

So why does this advertising produce so little? There are several factors but I'll broadly summarise with this:

Firstly to advertise your Salon or Skin Clinic without a compelling offer in place is to throw away money. And even then, with a great offer in place and using the best platform to advertise on: most potential customers that take interest are going to be "cold" traffic, who are not ready to become a paying customer just yet. They'll need warming up and "nurturing" a bit first. 

Ready to know more about what actually does work, and why?

Book a Strategy Session so we can learn all about your business. Your highs... your lows... what needs improving... the people you'd like to reverse your car over...

We want to know everything so we can figure out what's best for you. 

Or if you want more specifics on what we could do for you and our prices, read on....

Scott 🤠 Head Honcho

Here's What You'll Get As Our Partner:

New-Client Offer: After a full Strategy Session where we'll map out a campaign to hit your new-customer and new-revenue requirements, we'll create your New Client Offer £197 Value

Landing Page: Build a beautiful Landing Page (webpage) specifically for your campaign, where potential new clients provide their contact details and become a lead, in exchange for the offer £327 Value

Digital Ads: Create Google and/or Facebook/Instagram ads that demand attention and win the most clicks £327 Value

Email & SMS to Old Clients: Create your database of old clients, then turn in into a GOLDMINE for your business £199 Monthly Value

Instant Lead Information: Every time someone submit's their details you'll be email them immediately £97 Monthly Value

"Work Your Leads": Each lead will receive automated text messages and emails from us, starting a conversion and giving key info about your business. Proven to SIGNIFICANTLY increase bookings £399 Monthly Value

Monthly Report and Improvement: Using key conversion tracking we will improve your ad performance month. You'll receive easy-to-read monthly reports that are 100% transparent, showing you how much money you're making and the cost to acquire each new customer £199 Monthly Value

BONUS! Recruiting new staff soon? We create job ads for salons. We'll send you the exact ads that have gotten the best applicants, so you may use yourself! £147 value


Option 1: Monthly Retainer

Set Up Cost inc Bonus = £998.00

Monthly Ongoing Costs = £695.00

You receive EVERYTHING for £399 month in Month 1
*Or £299 if you're a solo-preneur

Then £275 p/month from Month 2 onwards
*Or £225 if you're a solo-preneur

Option 2: Commission on Bookings

Set Up Cost + Bonus =£998.00

Monthly Ongoing Costs =£695.00

You receive EVERYTHING for a one-off £399

Then we receive 15% of your new-bookings revenue. 

For full details visit our Salon New-Bookings Super Funnel page 

Please note these prices do not include ad spend, which can be as little as £4 per day. Our campaigns all come with a 8 Week Guarantee with no Fixed Term Contract, full details below.



*239 new clients so far *10,994 first-visit revenue*From £1773 digital ad spend

*£7.41 ad cost per new client


*377% return from Google ads  *£8.88 ad cost per new client  *Currently 60 - 70% retention rate


*Latest campaign 64 new clients in first 5 weeks  *From £274 total Facebook ad spend  *£4.28 ad cost per new client


270 new clients with over 200 re-booked

£41,170 new revenue

*From £1334 total 


*£1.69 per lead from Facebook  *2.69 per lead from Google  *6.57 ad cost per new client


*£2.03 per lead from Google  *£4.20 per lead from Facebook *7.78 ad cost per new client


*€10-off-first-visit offer  *€6.92 per lead from Facebook  *€20.76 ad cost per new client  *€54.50 average takings per new client






If you're not happy with the results after 8 weeks, we'll give you all the money you've paid us. No questions asked, money in your account within 48 hours. You'll receive that signed in writing from us.

Bottom line is if you're not happy, we're not happy. Best case scenario we fill your empty spaces with new bookings and skyrocket your revenue....

Worst case you get to tell us we suck, we'll refund you all your money and you still walk away with bookings in that first 8 weeks.

The only thing guaranteed NOT to help you is not taking action and booking a strategy call with us!


You may pause or end your payments whenever you like, if you feel it's not working for you or you lose staff etc. Again this is clearly stipulated in our agreement. You have full control.


"There is no other company that does what these guys do. Period"

James MacLachlan, VFX Director, The Mill (Academy Award-Winning Visual Effects Firm)

"Brilliant! Of the 380 new clients, 110 have already re-booked!"

Valerie Cahill, Ireland Business Woman of the Year and Owner of Multi Award-Winning Ikon Hair Design

"We have tried many ways to increase our client numbers but this has proved to be, by far, the most effective"

Alastair Taylor, 3 Times Scottish Hairdresser of the Year Charlie Taylor Salons

A highly professional marketing outfit who delivered on their provide a quality clientele that complimented our brand

Ben Kennedy, Nicky Clarke Salons

"We were introduced to approximately 300 new, quality clients. All the preparation and advertising was professionally carried out by Scott and his team, giving our Salon great exposure with local companies, leaving us to focus on the client and their service. Totally unique and certainty unlike other forms of advertising."

Vitina Seminara, Soul Hair Salons

"The marketing systems they have created are truly powerful. We quickly gained 49 new clients and because of the structure of the offer they created for us, it created an INCREDIBLE amount of revenue. Soon after we did it all over again with similar success! Hugely recommended"

Dom Panetta, Migele Experience Owner

"A big success working with SRG. 124 new clients, 372 bookings, 91 retails units also purchased, around £9870 in spend. So far we’ve had 53 (43%) of those clients book appointment no. 4, then 22 of those have already booked no. 5! New revenue is at around £12,500 and growing."

Ellie Carter, Carter & Shields

"One of the best decisions I ever made relating to marketing of my 5 Star Salon! They have a very professional and dedicated team and in a very short space of time I was seeing new clients coming through the door."

Sandra Kotecha, Original Hair Studio

"The past 4 months have been our most profitable due to our campaign! I was sceptical at first, as have tried various advertising strategies and none have been that successful. But they are so professional......."

Lara Wintle, Arena Hair Design

"We have received 300 clients through their targeted campaign. We have found these guys to be highly organized and professional supplying us with timely, accurate and relevant clients. I would highly recommend their services and their professionalism."

Mark Weston, Muse of London

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