How Salons, Skin Clinics & Barbers Can Boost Revenue During Lockdown

How to make money for your salon, barbers or skin clinic during lockdown..... by selling Christmas Gift Vouchers to local professionals.

2 days ago the UK went in to full lockdown again for a month (at least, could be more who knows). Ireland has been in lockdown since mid October.

So there’s a lot of frustrated business owners out there, wondering if they are going to survive, or at least praying that December is going to be fully booked.

December will be very busy for most of course. But then some businesses will hit the January blues and a new quiet period to tackle.

So! Here is a very effective way of boosting revenues during lockdown AND getting new clients booking from Jan onwards. What I’m about to outline is the rough structure of the Local Business Targeted Promotion strategy that we run for our partners.

Despite many office workers based at home, we are finding we are still getting plenty of interest. 

And now you have time on your hands, there is nothing stopping you from investing some time doing this yourself and creating revenue and clients whilst you’re closed.

Here’s how it works, broken down in to simple steps:


As this is a prepaid voucher that you’re offering (in order to cash in on Christmas gifts), you want to create an offer that people just can’t say no to, for themselves or for partners or friends!

Here’s an idea that would generate plenty of interest:

Take your most popular service (or combination of services), cut the price in half and there is your offer price. But to really get maximum takers, try and add one or 2 bonuses that cost you little to nothing.

Relaxing Head Massage (just an extra 5mins), conditioning treatments, even a free cheap product if you’re overstocked…..

Prop up your 50% off special with a bonus or 2, and you have an enticing offer as both gifts or for themselves.

Put that offer in a word document, add a “voucher code” that buyer need to quote when they book, and a brief list of User Terms & Conditions, save as a PDF voucher and you have your simple, effective offer.

Those terms can include:

  • Valid to new clients only
  • Valid only from January (if you expect a busy December)
  • An expiry date (offer closes end of March etc)
  • Selected stylists/therapists/barbers only
  • Not valid on Saturdays (if that’s your busier day)
  • Must quote voucher code when booking then display the eVoucher on your phone during your visit

To see examples of some of these simple, effective eVoucher offers, book a Strategy Session with us here and we’ll email you some to you.

And if you’re not sure what services/treatment your prepaid offer should contain? Make 2 offers and give your buyers a choice!

One with your most popular service then another more expensive option with a combination of 2 services! (E.g if you’re a hair salon, half price cut OR half price cut and colour options).

TIP: It’s worth noting that anything less than a 50% discount will probably see significantly less buyers, unless you are already low pricing. Remember you want an offer that really demands the attention of staff from local businesses. And if it’s new clients only, redeemable from January during quieter times… have little to lose.  



Now get a pen and paper and write up a list of the 20 largest organisations in your town, city or area.

Almost always this will start with your local council, NHS or hospitals and University or local college if you have them.

Then you’re writing down all the large companies where you are based, and any other organisations you’d love to get new clients from. 

TIP: If you are hair or beauty salons, add all your local schools to your list. You can generate a lot of interest from your local teachers and school staff!

This list does not have to stop at 20. If you are in a city with lots of good-sized organisations, you can build up as bigger list as you like!


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