A BIG CHANGE to Facebook and Instagram ads to get more leads

Are your Facebook or Instagram ads not firing like they use to? 

Meta is changing its ad platforms. Here's a big tip that can see big improvements:

Start using the Leads campaign objective and select Instant Forms.

Instant Forms is Meta’s own custom-build, in-platform lead capturing form.

So all clicks complete the In-Facebook/Instagram form and stay on the platform for the whole experience, as opposed to being re-directed to your landing page or website.

When you set a campaign objective the Leads, you'll notice in the Ad Set level that Instant Forms is now the default.

This is not by mistake. 

Meta want your audience to stay on Facebook/Instagram as long as possible, hence they've added bells and whistles to their instant forms so now you can create leads for your salon/clinic without these people being re-directed.

It was kind of a hard pill to swallow for us at first, as we create these beautiful landing pages for our clients campaigns, which are now not even needed with these Facebook ads.

But the jury is out: because Facebook is favouring its own instant forms, it's rewarding those who them with better conversion for your spend; we are finding we're getting leads much cheaper for salons and clinics using this format.

Make the switch from sending your traffic to your webpages to In-Facebook instant forms and you'll likely see the same.

One of the great things with these Instant Forms is you can create qualifying questions as part of the form.

If you’re a skin clinic promoting certain advanced skincare or aesthetic treatments, you can ask them what they’re most interested, what skincare issues they are having etc, allowing you to be more prepared in your phone or initial consultation to address their needs and get them booked in.  

The only downside to this is currently it seems that Meta gives no notifications when a lead comes in. You have to manually log in and click to download the file to view your new leads info.

That’s where a software like Zapier comes in – you can use it to create email notifications, so you receive messages with each new leads info when they come in.


Hopefully making this change sees a big improvement to your cost per lead, amount of leads coming in for your spend… and consequently more new clients!

….Like moths to a flame….

Scott Dance
May 2023

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