How to Win Local Professional Clients for Your Salon for Free Using LinkedIn

Do you ever look at big companies around you and wonder how can I get more of their staff through my doors?

When used properly, LinkedIn is an excellent way of reaching out to people working in high positions, creating leads and finding the right person to spread your corporate offer amongst their staff!

Here’s a 3 step formula we use to introduce new, local-working clients to a salon, so you can use this formula yourself. And the great thing about this formula? IT’S FREE.

The only thing you need to invest is some time.

This starts with a fun exercise. I bet that off the top of your head you can think of several large organisations in your area that you’d love to get more clients from?

Grab a pen and paper and jot them down.

If you’re struggling, don’t worry. LinkedIn will show you who they are anyway

Seriously, do this now. Because as you’ll soon see, just before the Christmas period is the exact time to launch a promotion like this…

Step 1 – Your New Client Gift Card / Voucher Offer

You’ll notice there’s a lot of info on this step, for good reason. To get you the best possible results, the offer you provide to the large companies around you is crucial.

Provide an offer that is in no way unique or exclusive, and this whole process becomes a waste of time.

I have spoken with an endless amount of business owners who tell me they give big local companies a corporate discount, but it gets them nothing.

That’s usually because their offers are in no way unique. It’s the same things people see on websites, shop signs or their company’s internal intranet system all the time.

So to generate excitement and convert staff within these companies in to clients: exclusivity is key. Make them feel special with an offer ONLY FOR THEM, that’s so darn good it demands attention. That’s how to stand out and get your name on hundreds, if not thousands, of computer screens! 

We have found the best response comes from an offer in the form of a PREPAID gift voucher. And we always give the voucher a sexy name to add more appeal, such as “Corporate Beauty Pass” or “Salon Experience Pass”.

Two big reasons why the prepaid format works better:

Firstly making it prepaid guarantees cash up front and once people have paid for something, they will use it.

Secondly, it allows people to buy as gifts. And right now, coming towards Christmas is the PERFECT time to do something like this for some local organisations, maximising Christmas gift revenues and getting new clients visiting you from January.

In terms of the offer, find the right balance of something you think will wow people whilst being worth it for you.

For Hair Salons, a package including Cut with Colour options at the best rate you can provide. Throw in some extra perks that cost you little to nothing, yet add value in your buyers eyes, such as treatments and extra 5mins head massages.

These little pampering extras make your offer look better, espeically as gifts.

For Beauty Salons we find packages where people can choose from several treatment options, work best. Giving your potential new clients choices will give your promotion the widest possible appeal.

Here’s an example that can generate plenty of buyers:

Choose five of your most popular cheap or fast treatments and allow your new clients to choose any 3, for a fixed price.
Standard Manicure, Pedicure, 30mins Refresher Facial, 30mins Back & Shoulder or Indian Head Massage, single session of Laser Hair Removal on any small or medium area, Lash & Brow treatments…. these are all good options.

By letting your new client choose any 3 of 5 choices, you’re also creating an irresistible Christmas gift! Yes, it’s exclusively for local organisations, but let then buy as gifts for loved ones also.

What price to charge? The optimum price-point for gifts is £45 - £55. That might mean big reductions, you ultimately choose a price-tag that’s worth it for you.

If you’re a skin clinic offering only aesthetic and high-end treatments, this price-point might not be possible.  I’d still recommend giving buyers choices, including your most popular treatments, for a best price you are willing to give.

The better the price, the more gift buyers. Plus you can insert some key terms and extra bonuses to your offer, to increase revenue and make more beneficial for you.

Salon owners often assume big discounts only brings in bargain hunters. But think about the audience your targeting here. People aren’t visiting a deals website to buy your offer. You are proactively reaching out to companies and offering something to them all. This can bring in some great new clients.

When we run promotions like this for salons or clinics, here are some terms we often use that buyers must adhere to:

Valid to new clients only
Not valid in December (if you expect a busy Christmas period)
An expiry date (e.g. offer closes end of March)
Selected therapists/stylists only (if suitable)
Your chosen 3 treatments cannot be done in one session: must be at least 2 separate appointments (for multi-choice package offers)
Not valid on Saturdays (if that’s your busier day)

It may not seem like a big deal, but insisting your Corporate Pass clients use the package over at least 2 appointments it ensures these clients visit at least twice, greatly increasing your chances of re-booking them again.

To further increase that chance of getting them back, add an “Extra Bonus” or two to your Experience Pass. Many beauty salons will give them small extra fees to upgrade treatments or a small discount if they book another treatment after their used their package.

Other’s will give their new clients up to 50% off treatment courses, if booked within 14 days! Create some extra bonuses that you think will increase spend per client.

With your exclusive offer drafted, put it in voucher format, ready to email to buyers.

Some salon softwares have this function, allowing you to create a prepaid gift card on which you can include the treatment options and your Terms & Conditions.

If you don’t have this it can easily be done manually by simply creating your voucher on a word document. Then whenever someone buys: type the users name on their voucher, save as a PDF and email across.

Really, this is dead simple. Your front desk staff can spend 15 mins at the end of each day emailing buyers their vouchers.

Once your “Corporate Beauty Pass” voucher template for local organisations is ready, it’s time to use LinkedIn to get the word spread!

Step 2 – Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Using LinkedIn requires you firstly to connect with people before chatting to them. But the Sales Navigator in LinkedIn is an absolute gem for contacting potential leads in big local organisations. And it’s FREE for the first month!

Provided you have a LinkedIn profile (easy to create): upgrade to a Premium account that includes the Sales Navigator Professional function. Enter your card details etc but set a reminder on your phone to cancel in 28 days. You won’t be charged a penny.

Making connections that lead to good contacts on LinkedIn is a numbers game. So in that free 30 days, you want try to connect with as many people within big offices as possible. Here’s how to do this:

  1. In the Sales Navigator, hit “All Filters” at the top right
  2. On Geography enter your town, or 5 miles from your postcode
  3. Scroll down, click on “Company” and it will actually list local organisations with the most employees on LinkedIn!
  4. You can then search for leads per company
  5. Make sure before you start trying to connect with people, hit the “Posted on
  6. LinkedIn in the past 30 days” filter at the top of the list, so you’re attempting to connect with people who actually use LinkedIn!
  7. Hit the Function field and start by trying to connect with those in HR, Communications or Management positions
  8. Then just try to connect with as many leads per organisation as you can. Remember this is free for 30 days, so make the most of it!

TIP: Always add a message to your connect request. We find the following connection message gets a good connection rate, as it creates intrigue:

“Hi (name),
Would be great to connect as I’m hoping you can point me in the right direction at (company)”

Note: in almost any town, the largest organisations will be the local council, the NHS Trust (hospitals) and the university or college if you have them. So if they don’t appear in the Company field towards the top, search for them in the Search bar. You definitely want to include them.

Start looking for new reply messages, or new accepted connections in the My Network area.

You can then message them with your purpose: you have an exclusive offer for staff in selected organisations including theirs, and you were hoping they could provide the email of the correct person in charge of staff benefits?

Once you have the correct contact (or decent lead), email that person full offer details including:

  1. Their colleague that you spoke to on LinkedIn, if not them (names-dropping helps!)
  2. Their treatment choices, price and and saving
  3. Whilst it’s exclusive, you’re letting staff buy as gifts for friends and family
  4. How they can buy

If they can buy online using your booking software, perfect. Otherwise PayPal or good ol’ phone payments work. 

Have fun with it. If your tone is polite and non-pushy when contacting your local organisations, most will respond positively.

Step 3 – Receiving Payment and distributing your eVouchers

Now it’s the really fun part….seeing how many buyers are taking you up on your terrific corporate offer!

It is unlikely you are going to get buyers from all the organisations you email info to. In fact, you might only get buyers from one or two places.

But! All it takes is to get those one or two organisations enthused, and you could have 10 – 20 new clients in each organisation!

Tip: Re-email each contact once or twice again before Christmas, saying the offer is still available.

This may sound like hard work, but once your offer Voucher is created, it really is just a matter of investing some time each week for a month on LinkedIn Sales Navigator, making connections that lead to email contacts and sending your promotion info across.  

And if it’s a raging success: you now have a list of great contacts within some of the largest employers in your town, to message offering new specials from time to time.

……Likes moths to a flame……

Scott Dance
November 2021

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