How to Win Local Professional Clients for Your Salon for Free Using LinkedIn

Do you ever look at big companies around you and wonder how can I get more of their staff through my doors?

When used properly, LinkedIn is an excellent way of reaching out to people working in high positions, creating leads and finding the right person to spread your corporate offer amongst their staff!

Here’s a 3 step formula we use to introduce new, local-working clients to a salon, so you can use this formula yourself. And the great thing about this formula? IT’S FREE.

The only thing you need to invest is some time.

This starts with a fun exercise. I bet that off the top of your head you can think of several large organisations in your area that you’d love to get more clients from?

Grab a pen and paper and jot them down.

If you’re struggling, don’t worry. LinkedIn will show you who they are anyway

Seriously, do this now. Because as you’ll soon see, just before the Christmas period is the exact time to launch a promotion like this…

Step 1 – Your New Client Gift Card / Voucher Offer

You’ll notice there’s a lot of info on this step, for good reason. To get you the best possible results, the offer you provide to the large companies around you is crucial.

Provide an offer that is in no way unique or exclusive, and this whole process becomes a waste of time.

I have spoken with an endless amount of business owners who tell me they give big local companies a corporate discount, but it gets them nothing.

That’s usually because their offers are in no way unique. It’s the same things people see on websites, shop signs or their company’s internal intranet system all the time.

So to generate excitement and convert staff within these companies in to clients: exclusivity is key. Make them feel special with an offer ONLY FOR THEM, that’s so darn good it demands attention. That’s how to stand out and get your name on hundreds, if not thousands, of computer screens! 

We have found the best response comes from an offer in the form of a PREPAID gift voucher. And we always give the voucher a sexy name to add more appeal, such as “Corporate Beauty Pass” or “Salon Experience Pass”.

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