One Word That Can SERIOUSLY Increase Your New-Client Bookings

Running offers to attract new clients?

Most salons and clinics are, or do at certain times through the year.

Some business owners prefer to “add value” over discounting, such as creating great priced packages, giving a new guest 2 treatments for the price of one, something complimentary when they book a certain full-priced treatment etc etc.

But the most common would be a simple 10% - 30% discount for first-time visitors.

If you are doing this: here is one small tweak, emphasising ONE WORD that may see an immediate increase in not just first-time clients, but re-bookings as well.

It most certainly has seen a spike in both for our partners and hence we are using it more and more.

That word?



Let me explain.

Say you’re running a 30% off for new clients offer. Pretty standard in the hair and beauty industries.

Instead of giving that one-off 30%, give it so new faces for UNLIMITED salon visits for the next 4 months.

“Whoa hang on Scott, that means I’m just giving away non-stop discounts!?”

Well no, it really doesn’t. Let’s do some figures here.

If you changed your offer on 1st of July, giving new clients 30% off unlimited salon visits until 31st October, how often do you really think most of those new clients would visit you over that 4 month period?

Most will visit no more than twice, some the odd person…. would you agree?

So you’re giving someone that discount on average just twice. That’s it.

And getting a new guest sat in your chair twice gives you a significantly higher chance of repeat business, would you agree with that?

So you’re really not giving away endless discounts at all. What you are doing is creating real FOMO with a very powerful word.


Create a password or promo code for the offer that requires people to give name and contact details on a landing page to receive. Then once monthly until the offer closes, email your contacts list reminding then their UNLIMITED reduced visits to the salon ends soon…. don’t miss out!

What this can create with potential new clients is a sense of “if I don’t use this as much as possible (or at least once!) I’m missing out.”


Powerful stuff and A LOT more compelling than the stock standard one-off saving.

It can be the reason they visit you a first time… and the reason why they come back again within that 4 month period.

As I’ve said, it is seeing real improvements to our salon and clinic partners first-time bookings AND re-bookings.

UNLIMITED until (whatever date)… don’t miss out!

Try it, then in a few months’ time feel free to email me and tell me how it went. I’ll be very interested to know.

IMPORTANT: This comes with one small caveat.

To get the full effect of this change, I would advise a reduction of AT LEAST 25%.

Constant analysis has shown us that most people just don’t care about a 10% - 20% saving. We see this so much across so many industries it’s reached the point where in many cases people see no value in it whatsoever.

At least not with hair and beauty salons.

“That’s not right Scott, we get several new clients per month using our small discount!”

Honestly, most of those first timers probably would have visited you without the discount anyways.

Secondly, we have actually witnessed a salons new bookings DOUBLE the moment they changed their new-client reduction from 20% to 30%.

I guess in most people’s minds that is pretty much a third off the bill, which DOES represent a big chunky saving and DOES get results.

At least that’s what we’re seeing.

....Like moths to a flame....

Scott Dance
June 2022

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