The Big, Shiny Light at the End of the Covid Tunnel

Survive these difficult months to seriously prosper in 2021.....


I had a really interesting chat last week with the owner of 2 beauty salons.

Highly successful salons, built up to 19 staff and half a million in turnover. He was looking for a location to open his 3 salon.....

......then COVID 19 happened. And his salons have since been decimated.

From 80% capacity..... to 40%.

He is far from being the first business owner to report such a dramatic drop-off. The scary thing is, I would almost say this is what we have become accustomed to hearing.

2 weeks ago I spoke to a multi award-winning nail salon owner. 

She too owns 2 salons that have gone from being 75% friggin 35%.

If you're in this basket, or at least experiencing some drop in bookings and you're freaking out, believe me I feel your pain.

In times of lockdown when our partners must close, our revenue falls off a cliff.

But I'll say to you what I say to all of them:

If you can just do what you can to get people through the door (or just avoid closing permanently whilst in lockdown) and keep your head above water, there is a massive light at the end of the COVID tunnel. 

"What Scott?! How can there be a positive from this!"

Bear with me ok. 

Yes businesses are struggling. Over the coming months, some will close. And there's a good chance that might include some of your competitors. 

That means when the dark days begin to clear and we come out of this awful virus/recession period (which we will pretty soon from the sounds); those businesses that do hang in there, will prosper.

Can you remember 2007/2008 when we had the global financial crisis? Were you in business then?

I was. And it was scary as hell.

We had several big salon brands call us in a state of panic, needing clients from wherever we could find them.

It taught me some valuable lessons. 

With all the media scaremongering that will no doubt continue whilst the economy shrinks and people lose jobs, even people not affected financially will be cautious with their money.

It's like a pandemic in its own right.

But then, over time, people get so sick of hearing doom and gloom and keeping their wallets and purses closed; when the economy finally does start to recover, people spend with enthusiasm.

We're humans after all. We need balance. 

And that "yaaaaay we're finally over this s***!" period is a boom time where businesses who are still standing can seriously prosper.

My own and many of my salons partners businesses certainly did back in ‘08.

So again: keep your chin up, use all the resources available to you and just do what you can to keep the business ticking over…..and wait this out whilst your weaker competitors fall at the wayside. 

If you’re in Tier 4 and have had to close, invest this time in learning new ways to increase bookings and client spend, ready to make a big splash in 2021.

You'll be better off for it in the long run.

If you’d like to pick our brains on the best marketing tools available to you right now: book a Strategy Session here and we’ll offer you the best advice we can on winning new clients in the New Year.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and here’s to a prosperous 2021.

.....Like moths to a flame......

Scott Dance
December 2020

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