Quality vs Quantity - Google ad leads vs Facebook ad leads

Quality leads vs quality leads....
In our experience that is often the main the difference between Facebook/Instagram ad leads vs Google ads leads.
With Google pay per click you'll get much less clicks for your budget. Cost per click can range from £0.50p to up to £5 for certain aesthetic treatments.
Hence you'll often pay more per lead, again particularly if you're promoting beauty or aesthetics treatments. 
But those leads are usually of a higher quality (warmer if you like), as they're searching on Google for what your promoting. Or at least something very similar, provided you're keeping your keywords relevant.
By contrast, Facebook will spray your ads out onto hundreds (if not thousands) of news feeds, reels and stories for the same budget. A LOT more people are going to see your ads on Facebook and Instagram....
....and this often means more leads than Google.