Social Media or Google? The Importance of Trying Different Mediums

If you’re wondering which ways of marketing work best, and where to spend your hard-earned money, you might find this useful.....

On the first full week of each month we send out reports to our partners, then ask that they tell us exactly how many bookings and how much revenue their campaign is bringing in.

This way we can tell them exactly how much it's costing then to acquire each new booking, their profit/loss etc.

One report in particular grabbed my attention, as it illustrates the importance of trying multiple ways of marketing and accurately tracking the results.

Wisteria Avenue Hair Salon in Abingdon received 34 new clients last month, creating £1,820 in first-time visitor revenue.

Their ad spend was £297, making them 512% return on that spend. Not too bad.

This is a result of tracking and making improvements over the previous 3 months.

A beautiful, quirky new salon; these figures are the result of testing multiple ways of marketing and finding what works best for them.

Let me elaborate....

The first campaign we launched for them was 50% off colour, valid Tues - Fri when booked with a full price Cut or Blow Dry.

That brought in clients...but they wanted more slots filled fast.

So after Month 2 we changed up to the offer, this time giving new clients 50% off Cuts and Colours, valid Tues - Fri.

This small tweak tripled their booking overnight. Big tick. 

But it doesn't stop there.

We've been running Google and Facebook/Instagram ads for these offers, leading to identical landing pages, where prospects order identical eVouchers.

The only difference is when someone comes via a Google ad, the booking code on their eVoucher is GOOGLE50.

When someone comes from a social media ad, the booking code on their eVoucher is FACEBOOK50.

So after 3 months, we analysed booking code numbers. 

You know what we found? 

80% of their new-client bookings were using the GOOGLE50 booking code. 

Just 20% from social media. 

The next step is predictable: we deactivated their social media ads and doubled the budget of their Google ads....

That was done a couple of months ago....which leads us to these figures.

Now let's be clear: I'm not saying Google works and Facebook doesn't. Other salons have found social media performs better.

In fact, if you’ve read my latest free eBook “The 13 Best Money-Making Tools for Salons Post Pandemic”, you’ll know that in the introduction I state that Facebook ads are actually getting a better return than Google for 60% of the salons we work with.