The best type of videos for Facebook Ads

Do you run Facebook or Instagram ads to attract new clients?

If so, or you think you might soon, this might be useful.

Video ads almost always get the best response for our salon and skin clinic clients. (In case you were wondering or haven't used vids yet)

But let's delve a bit deeper....

What type of videos get the most attention? 

Which vids jump out at prospects the most, stop them in their tracks and get them taking action?

In comparing promotional videos, slideshow vids that are made in the Ads Manager or short, sharp Facebook/Instagram reels, can you guess which gets the best response?

When we look over all the vid ads we're running, the clear winner is.... reels.


Whether it be funky before and afters or a shot walking around a busy salon, these short sharp videos used as ads clearly stand out.

The numbers don't lie - whenever we test ads with identical copy testing different video styles, the reels we convert always perform.

It's worth saying at this point we don't boost vids.

Instead convert your reel into an MP4 and upload when creating ads in the Ads Manager.

It's simple stuff, just google "converting Facebook/Instagram reels into mp4" and you'll see several websites that do this for free.

Got LOADS of reels and wondering which one to use? Here's a tip: go with one that has received the most likes or engagement by your followers. That's a sure-fire sign that is popular. 

Or better yet, split test 2 different videos, then after a couple of weeks if one is getting you a lot more clicks or leads for your spend, you have your winner to focus on.

Of course, the other principles of successful, client-winning social ads still apply - great offer etc.

But there you go.... find your popular reels, convert to MP4's and use them in your ads. Might just get you the most new bookings and best ROAS yet.

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....Like months to a flame....

Scott Dance
August 2023



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