The Perfect Email Strategy - How to Consistently Write Content that Gets Read & Drives Sales

The Direct Marketing Association studies and reports each year on what marketing channels produce the best ROI’s for every $1 spent. That includes Social Media ads, Keyword ads, SEO etc.

Can you guess which one is always the most profitable, by a country mile?

Take a look at some of their recent findings below, as seen in Sabri Suby’s book Sell Like Crazy.

Email is way out ahead of everything else. It produced a stunning $44 return on every $1 spent!

If you’re UK based: take a look at this next 2019 graphic that’s a little closer to home.

That’s right, not only is email the winner, its return is actually increasing.

Yet I speak to an alarming percentage of Hair or Beauty businesses that don’t continuously build their email list….or even use email.

With all its sexier digital marketing cousins like the various social media platforms, email is seen by many as a dinosaur no longer worth using.

This is a big mistake.

A major reason why emails’ return is so far out in front is once someone opts in to your email list, you can send them as many emails as you like for free until they unsubscribe.

In other words; this is a list that YOU own.

The same cannot be said for your Facebook or Instagram following.

Remember not so long ago whenever you posted something on Facebook, it was viewable for ALL your followers?

Then Facebook changed things, so only a small percentage of your following are now seeing your posts. If you want more viewers you now have to boost that post.

You are at the mercy of these platforms. They have the power to change things at any point, and will do so again eventually. Hence these are not lists that you own.

That’s another reason why I’ve emphasised that with paid digital ads; the best strategy is to advertise an offer where people must provide name and email to receive.

Because you can then continuously email market to them for free.

Sure, emails’ opening and read rates aren’t as high as they use to be. The average sits at around just 15%.

But still, do the math. If you build an email list just 1000 strong, that’s still 150 people that will open and read your emails. Build a list of 10,000: that’s 1500 potential takers of your next offer….

So if you've all but forgotten about email, or it's reduced to a monthly newsletter, perhaps it's time to make a change.

Try introducing a couple of small things that will continuously build your list with no ongoing work required; are people given the option to join your subs list when they complete a consultation?

And how about creating a pop-up on your site that asks potential clients to join your email list, giving them an incentive like going in to a competition. 

Then try and email your list 2 - 3 times per week with interesting content. 

"But Scott I never know what to write about, it feels like I'm just repeating myself!"   

If you feel this way, you're not alone. It's a common dilemma I face at times as well.

Let's brainstorm and help remove this brick wall. 

Try this simple ratio to consisting have content to write about:

Three emails per week.
1) Educate. Small snippets of advice that can help your customers at home, that creates goodwill
2) Be silly and tell little stories about the general goings on, either in the salon or even in your life in general
3) Promote your current offer of the week/month or any current incentives you have running

Now let me offer you 3 simple tips that should not only help the content flow from your brain......but also increase your open and read rates by your subscribers.

First tip: write your emails exactly as if you were emailing a friend.

That means a complete lack of images (yes, bizarre for a salon but stay with me), moving your logo to the bottom of the page, and typing as if you're talking to someone you know.

Casual as you like, minus the swearing perhaps :)

This personal, basic, non-commercial-style approach is 100% proven to get more eye-balls reading your emails.

I can vouch for this myself. The moment I scrapped all the images, removed logo from top of my mail, used informal subject lines and typed like I was email open and click rates improved instantly.

People are bombarded with emails from companies trying to sell them stuff each day. Most of those emails are high on imagery or colour.

And those emails go straight to the delete folder.....

Use pictures where necessary, but keep your emails as minimal and informal as poss.
Second tip: create curiosity in your subject line. 

Rather than tell your readers exactly what this email is about.....leave something unknown, where they have to guess unless they read it.

Curiosity is a hugely powerful emotion when creating content. 

Get people curious.....and they will have to open your mail. They just won't be able to pull themselves away.

So rather than a subject line being:
"Try our Aveda Shampoo X for healthy, shiny hair"

Instead go with:
"This one shampoo will keep your hair healthy and shiny..."

Dial up the intrigue to get your messages read!

Final Tip: Don't be afraid to email about just the general goings on in the salon or your life. 

It’s now one of the three things you can email about each week.

Something funny happen? Email about it.

Do you have a dog who’s become the salon mascot? Email about them.

People find these day-to-day quirks interesting, because it's warm and personable. And it's sooooooooo different to the usual sales junk every other business sends them. 

Remember your new emailing style: as if you're emailing a friend. 

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.....Like moths to a flame....

Scott Dance
February 2021

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