The Truth About Social Media Advertising for Salons and Clinics

After continued analysis and number crunching, we've found there is a truth about social media advertising for Hair and Beauty Salons and Skin Clinics. One that is continuously reinforced as we create new new ads... and keep seeing bad ads that are wasting business owners hard-earned money.

At the very least it might help you wasting money on bad ads that are chewing up you hard-earned cash. 

That truth is this:
For salons and clinics, social media ads give you a solid return when you're advertising an offer on services/treatments that AT LEAST 50% of your target audience is already using, or is considering using.

Anything less than this, when offering services/treatments that are not as mainstream: Google ads using specific keywords is where you want to be hanging out.

Not sure if this applies to you? Let's do a little test with some hair and beauty offers.


Test 1:
Hair Salon offering 50% off Colour, targeting an audience of 21 - 55 yr old females.....

Are at least 50% of the people who see your ads already (or considering) colouring their hair? 

Answer: YES! By keeping the search radius tight and have eye-popping visuals, most hair salons we work with see a good return  

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