Why Do People Enquire...But Never Book?

You ever get frustrated with the amount of people who call, email or message your salon or clinic, who....

ask all the right questions....

say they'll make a booking that week....

and then disappear, never to be heard from again?

It's frustrating isn't it.

Why is that? Why do people enquire, pretty much guarantee they're going to book, then don't. 

To understand why, take a look at the image below. It's called the Larger Marketing Formula. It applies for potential customers in almost any industry. And that most certainly includes hair and beauty.

The most common reason why so many enquiries fall through the cracks is because they're not yet at the top of the pyramid, in that Buying NOW 3%.
Doesn't matter what they say over the phone, or how amazing the treatment is, or how good your offer is, or how friendly and helpful you were when you chatted.

They're still either in the Problem Aware or Info Gathering Mode categories. 

And until they're in the Buying NOW category, that only 3% of your prospects are... they will not make a booking.

Instead they'll end the conversation on a pleasant note, saying they'll book soon.

Can’t wait to visit! I’m excited! They can give you any number of these things, and maybe they are truly excited to get booked in.

But not quite yet.

They get off the phone, having moved slightly up the pyramid, but not yet in that top 3%.

They’re giving you a soft no.

You see most of those enquiries, annoyingly, are in the Problem Aware or Info Gathering Info Mode categories. That's the main reason for all the prospects that you don't close.

So how to get those enquiries booking with YOU when they actually hit that crucial Buying NOW at the top of the pyramid?

The following will help a lot:

Change up your ads and marketing, so rather than just asking them to book: instead create a lead-capturing landing page that takes those prospects details.

Did you know both Facebook ads and Google ads now have an option you can select where they create a landing page for you, to capture leads?

This will allow you to build your marketing list and then start sending them interesting and helpful content, tailored to what you’re offering that they are interested in, using email flows, SMS or even retargeting ads.

That way you're keeping your brand in front of them and continue to impress them. I call is the “courting process”.

Each piece of content they dig will get them closer to YOUR door.

So when they hit Buying NOW mode, you're the first place they think of.

But understand, most of the people that contact you are not at the top of the pyramid just yet. They enquire, decide they're not yet ready, then (sadly) forget all about your business.

Make their first impression a good one then figure out how to continue the courting process and keep your brand in front of them.

....Like moths to a flame....

Scott Dance
May 2022

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